Churches across the UK do passionate and bold work to share the Gospel with those in their communities.
Since 1899, Counties Evangelism represents that patchwork of authentic, genuine and diverse local church activity across the UK.
Counties response to the loneliness epidemic was to inspire and equip local churches in Neighbourhood Chaplaincy. 
Counties vision is to see lives transformed through the gospel in the UK. They help local churches and individuals share the Gospel.
The Cinnamon Network recommends Neighbourhood Chaplains because they “offer best practice, tried and tested initiatives that churches can replicate easily and quickly.”
Now chaplains can buy their full range of clothing direct from us online. 
We have a full range of sizes and styles available.
Buy a polo-shirt, fleece or hoody and help identify your church activities as part of Counties unified national voice.
Postage is included in the cost so it can be sent directly to your door. 
It couldn’t be easier.

If your order is for 8 or less garments in total please phone 01373 823 013

Prices include postage